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San Mateo, CA

Status: Completed 2002

Architect + Structural Engineer: Endrestudio
Awards: 2006 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, SEAONC | 2005 Award of Excellence, California Park and Recreation Society
Publications: "San Mateo: Bridging Design and Function", San Francisco Chronicle, 2-2006: B.  |  "Force of Nature", Architecture, July 2005: 54-61.

In collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, Endrestudio designed the buildings for San Mateo’s Shoreline Parks, a two-mile-long series of parks that run along the San Francisco Bay. Endrestudio designed and implemented several key architectural elements of the plan, including a new maintenance building, public restrooms, picnic and shade shelters, and a 105-foot bridge connecting pedestrians and light vehicles to newly restored wetland areas.

The bridge, a destination along the 150-mile Bay Trail, is an invitation to relax and view the bay from within its two arches. One steel arch lifts while the other resists twisting caused by to wind or imbalanced loading. The lower arch also acts as a fulcrum for the cantilevered trusses that project from its center, allowing the deck’s edge to bow outward at the center and ends. The design echoes the client’s desire for a bold architectural statement strong enough to envelop space yet free of oppressive towering steel trusses, and integrates the park buildings beneath the site’s crisscrossing power lines to join the community to the bay.