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Los Angeles, CA

Status: Completed 2006

Building Architect: PATTERNS
Facade Engineer: Endrestudio
Associate Architect: Kluger Architects
Building Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Facade Material Design and Fabrication: 3form
Facade Steel Fabricator: LA Propoint Inc.
Owner: Elite Property Management

Endrestudio provided the structural and facade engineering for this materially and geometrically complex project. Based on a radical geometric contextualism, the architect’s concept for 8746 Sunset Blvd was to create an architecture of subtle sensations by inducing a physical and optical dynamism that both challenges and enhances the movement of the body. The formal logic of the facade is the outcome of a productive negotiation between geometric operations governed by the column grid of the existing building and driven by spatial conditions allowed by the singularity of the adjacent context.

The spatial performance of the store is based on the bending effect of two reciprocally ruled surfaces: the facade that bends inside up and the pliant stair that bends outside down, create a magnetic field that gravitates towards the interior. The bent facade operates as a responsive skin that by means of local inflections senses the dynamics of pedestrian activity on the sidewalk and nearby strip. The interior bent surface fluidly shreds into steps allowing the emergence of a differential hybrid that operates as a stair and display system at the same time.