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Playa Vista, CA

Status: Completed September 2011

The Court Park restroom and shade structure speak the same language and act as an exploratory proof-of-concept for systems that appear at its sister site, Bluff Creek Park. The restroom examines a series of trusses supporting cantilevered roof joists that fly above a separate assembly of walls; the construction here helped determine issues that would arise due to the more complex geometry in the roof at Bluff Creek Park.

The shade structure also plays a role in developing a language of assembly. A triangle-section space truss acts as the spine, able to span between the two delicate supports while also absorbing torsion induced by the arrays of cantilevered wood members. All lines of connection between elements are described by arcs that share a common axis. Rationalizing the geometry around this one elementary rule results in extremely efficient and predictable constructability: All elements maintain a universally consistent orientation to each of their neighbors.