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Berkeley, CA

Status: Not Completed

Architect: Endrestudio
Engineer: EndresWare
Renderings: Transparent House

Two distinct spaces--one opaque and massive, one transparent and light--comprise the 1,900 square foot, two story infill Residence. The halves represent two fundamental elements of domestic space: utility on the one hand and the intricate intimacy of everyday life on the other. The cement board cladding and simplified form of the northern volume express its functional interior, which houses bathrooms, utilities, stairs, and a kitchen. In contrast, the complex detailing, fine cedar siding, and glass planes of the southern volume reflect the visceral experiences unfolding in its bedrooms, dining, and living rooms. A slim, transparent section dedicated to circulation and access binds together the two parts of the house. Beyond the residence itself, the architecture responds to the complexity of its surrounding neighborhood through its multiple roof and wall planes and windows of various shape, size, and function.