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Dallas, TX

Status: Not Completed
Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett
Architect + Engineer: Endrestudio
Digital Imagery: The Office of James Burnett & The Klyde Warren Park Foundation

Structural innovation is the unifying factor underlying all of the architectural highlights that adorn this new urban park, located in a revitalized neighborhood on the edge of downtown Dallas. Endrestudio's threefold design goals were complementing and embellishing the landscape design of the green space, integrating iconic structures into the park, and establishing new icons for the city of Dallas. The most prominent examples of this architectural theme are found in the children's area, which features a storytelling deck, garden, restroom, and the iconic water feature made of 700 pieces of stacked glass. Water flows up the two layers of the translucent glass like a vortex, and as it reaches the open air it transforms into a waterfall, cascading down an illuminated outer wall.